October Haul

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Annyeong, lovelies! Ah~ October goes by so fast! This weekend is gonna be November! 2 more months and it's the end of 2014! I'm so not ready for 2015 as I only crossed few things on my 2014 to-do list!

Oh, well, let's not go further into that. Let me do you a favour and spare you from 2 hours of reading. 

Anyway, today I'm going to share with you guys about some items that I bought throughout this month. I'm really sorry as I haven't done much review lately as I've been occupied with uni, extra Japanese language lessons, practicing my drawing, and of course, keeping up with beauty trends among Korean women. Yes, I mean watching Get It Beauty. 

But first, let's go to Etude House. 

I bet all girls wanna be a princess at some point in life and for me... if I have to be honest, I gotta say... only during the time when I watch Cinderella. That means when I was 11. I know. I grew up with 2 brothers and never had girly BFFs not until I hit my 20s. But then, when I saw the Princess Etoinette Season 2 launched in Korea for Winter 2013, I couldn't bring myself and say to no these babies when they're on Sweeties Club October promotion! So I got myself the Princess Etoinette All Over Powder, Crystal Shine Lips in PBE102 Moon Flower Under the Stars (wish came true!!) and the lovely Mirror

Like I mentioned in the previous post, a friend of mine who's a big fan of Western brands has introduced me to the new world (for me) called Sephora and along with that, she also helped me in discovering some items in drugstore that I usually just walked passed by as I was only a fan of Maybelline.

Introducing the Bourjois Paris, a brand originated from France that has recently hit Watsons Malaysia. I read reviews by local beauty bloggers and few of them even admitted that the foundation from this brand is one of the first foundation they actually finished quickly and get the second (even third) bottle right after they finished the first one. I tried this once using my friend's and quickly fall in love with it! For the past year I've been focusing on Korean makeups that usually give me light to medium coverage but now I'm thinking of expanding my interest on foundations as I gotta admit, though my Spot Treatment products are working their way into my skin, there are days I just want to cover up all the things I hate on my skin. 

For a start, I got myself that Healthy Mix Foundation in #55 Dark Beige, Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in #53 Dark Radiance, Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in #55 Dark Beige, and Blush in #74 Rose Amber. 

I really hope the first impression of these products gonna last. 

Next stop, Sephora!

Okay, I gotta admit that I've only been to Sephora like once before to accompany a friend to get a product from Bliss. Of course, during that time I have no interest none whatsoever on anything sold in Sephora that time, and the only thing I recalled buying was a perfume. Heck, I even called that place as a perfume store at some point of my conversations I had with that friend. 

I know. Kill me.

I don't wanna go all crazy on high-end makeups right away though I've been eye-ing Urban Decay palettes each and every time I went to Sephora, so let me start with these cuties from NYX!

I got myself the very much raved  Soft Matte Lip Cream collection and I got mine in (from left) #02 Stockholm, #06 Istanbul, #14 Zurich and #15 Athens.

Along with those babies, I also got myself a Retractable Eye Liner in Black, and three Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in #628 Tea Rose, #632 Frappucino and #565 Soft Mauve Cream. I know what you guys are thinking. Yes! I love nude colours! Definitely gonna grab some more of these in the future! Now, I have to consider of getting a lipstick organizer!

While at Sephora, I was given the Benefit Real Turn-Ons that has one of the best seller product which is the Thy're Real Mascara and that Watt's Up Highlighter as a birthday gift. I also got that bareMinerals Original Foundation sample which I'm actually quite excited to try as I never tried any powder foundation in that loose powder form before.

Wait... I just realized that..
This is the first time ever that my haul post of the month that doesn't include any skincare product!!

So yeah, that's all about it! What do you think of this month's haul? 

By the way, last week this blog has reached its first 100k milestone! I would love to thank all readers for giving support by reading my posts and leaving comments all this time! I really enjoyed my time in here and hopefully you guys too! 

.... and with that I'd love to announce that I'm gonna host another giveaway! :D I'll post all about it soon and hopefully you guys will join but first thing first, I sure do hope you guys can cast your votes on the poll at the left side of this blog. I need your input before finalizing  the items I want to give away. 

Alright, lovelies! See you on next post! :D

Still Here.

Friday, 17 October 2014

..... Just busier! Hehe hello, guys!!

I'm so sorry for the unannounced temporary hiatus! I got some messages in my Facebook page inbox, asking whether I'm still blogging or not! Haha chill out~ it's just that I went back to my hometown in Sabah for 2 weeks and I just got back in KL last Monday. There was no I should say, proper internet connection at home as it's been about a month since the raining season had started so the connections at home aren't really that stable so I couldn't update my blog even though I had some free time on my hands that time.

Anyway, how's life? Next week is gonna be the 6th week since the new academic year had started so we're getting nearer to mid semester exams.. So I guess I won't be around here that much.

But still! I got some posts lined up to be drafted already but my desktop is at a friend's place, waiting to be formatted so hopefully when I'm done editing some photos, I would be able to do some reviews and hauls posts!

Speaking of haul posts, oh dear! The past and current month is about makeup mostly but as I haven't finished doing some research on some items, and a friend of mine is going to introduce me to the new (to me at least) world of foundation, I haven't done with shopping actually. Hehe.

But of course, speaking about makeup, one question popped into my head this morning that I'm about to venture a journey on the brands of Western Hemisphere so yeah. There might be some change of directions of this blog soon but to those of you who follow this blog solely because of Korean product reviews, fret not as I'm still fully using Korean skincare products so hopefully we can continue sharing awesome tips in the future.

So yeah, I think that's all for now. I'm definitely still not used to blogging on my iPhone even after more than 6 years. LOL

I'll see you guys soon!

XOXO, Mira.