Beauty Haul | November

Saturday, 30 November 2013

When I see other bloggers hauls, I noticed that most of them post their monthly haul at the beginning of the month. But for me, like today, I'll be posting on stuffs that I bought throughout this month of November, so when I decided to do reviews on them, it means I have been using them for a quite period period of time, unless it's stated it is a first impression post. 

Now let's get right into it!

I've been loving the products that I have from Skinfood so I went to the store again to get some more products and trial kits which are perfect just to try out some stuffs. I got the Black Sugar kit that contain Black Sugar Perfect First Serum Miniature with Cotton pads and Black Sugar Scrub Foam and the Facial Care Kit that contains Carrot Cleansing Foam (50ml), Facial Water Vita-C (Mist) 50ml, head band, and cotton pads. I also got the Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask as I've been hearing great things about it being a holy grail product among beauty bloggers. 

Review: Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet

Friday, 29 November 2013

Hello, beautiful people! Finally the uni is over the week! T.G.I.F! T.G.I.F! :D Excited for the weekend aren't we??? :D Here in Malaysia, the Year End Sale has already started and everywhere in every corner of shopping mall is offering either Y.E.S sale or Christmas Promotions. So, Dear Girls, Shop Wisely! pun intended! 

Anyway, like I told you guys in the previous post (to those who haven't read it check it out here), me and my friends are doing the #masksheetmarathon so in continuation to that, today I'll be reviewing the second mask that I tried for the first time from this line, which is:

Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet

Pomegranate Extract 1,000mg
Skin Elasticity and Provide Nutrition

Its high concentrated nutritive composition sooth into your skin deeply, making your skin elastic (firm) and smooth.

Beauty Award: The Liebster Award

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hello, beautiful people! Happy Thursday! It's almost the end of the week so I guess everyone's are excited to shop this weekend, right? Watch out for interesting promotions and shop wisely! :D

Yeah, I guess after reading the above title, it's no surprise right? Thanks to my dearest fellow beauty blogger, a friend, Joyce or her Google+ account name +Shen Ee , she nominated me the Liebster Award. Thanks so much for this, darls! I guess it's really nice to have something like this as a platform to get to know other beauty bloggers more and even discovered new ones! 

Girls, do check out Joyce's beauty blog IntoFace and have fun while you're at it. I always enjoy reading reviews and picking up simple tips to follow from her. Plus, her blog just got re-vamped and I'm totally in love with the new layout. :D

Simple rules!
The Liebster Award is for those who have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin , this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!

If I have nominated you, all you have to do is to accept the award, give me a follow-back via Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect (also Google+, Twitter @mieletvanille and Instagram @lemieletlavanille, do add me while you're at it) then answer a few questions!

When you nominate other bloggers, please make sure that you are following them and send them a message letting them know that you have done so.

The number of bloggers they're suggesting is 11.


First of all, let me share the answers to Joyce's questions! 

  1. What is your favorite cosmetic brand? 
    Ooh, hot question! It's not easy to choose one, I tell you! As for cosmetics, if I really need to choose, then it would be Mary Kay. Love their eye shadows! The right pigmentation, last long, and I love how they come on it's own so I can arrange them prettily inside my case.

    As for skincare brand, I guess it's obvious. For the past 3 months, it's always have been THEFACESHOP. Hopefully I'll discover better product after this!
  2. If you could only bring one item with you to wherever you go, what would you bring? 
    One item? if we're still talking about cosmetics, it would be my compact powder. 
    If we're talking about skincare, it would be my Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam. Period.

    But if we're talking about in general, that would be my smartphone. Everything about me is in there. I guess the charger is included as one with my smartphone so yeah. Smartphone it is. :D
  3. How much do you spend on your cosmetic per month? 
    Well, I think most girls do this (or maybe I'm just nerdy LOL) but I keep my beauty product expenses on track, from Budget App in my iPhone to Excel spreadsheets. So, the average sum of money I spent on cosmetic products is roughly RM900 (USD300). But to my estimation, I'm still good for the next few months even without buying anything. Maybe it'll be lesser for the upcoming months. So yeah.
  4. When do you start using skincare? 
    The last week of August this year, but I was just trying out samples. As for my current skincare products, I started on 17th of September this year. Totally did marked that date down in my Molang diary. :D
  5. What is the most expensive cosmetic that you've used before? 
    The most expensive cosmetic I have used before? I have to say Mary Kay skincare line for normal-oily skin. Spent roughly about RM600 for few items. But I didn't see any remarkable result so after I went through the frustration, I switched to Garnier for the next 6 months before I changed to K-beauty skincare products and since then, I never look back!
  6. Which country do you wish to travel most? 
  7. What do you do with your cosmetics if it's not suitable for you? 
    I never experienced this. Or maybe I did but I can't recall but I guess I'm lucky cause since I started using South Korean beauty products, all products that I have so far are working great with my skin. But as for the wrongly given samples by BAs to me, I'll use them to test new products I got for review purposes. Like doing reviews on cleansing products.
  8. What is your most favorite gift/present you've received before? 
    I honestly consider all great things in my life as gifts from God and for things like gadgets and whatnot, being given those things by my parents are something I couldn't describe of how grateful I am for that matter, but one thing that I consider as one of the best gift I have received is the amount of support shown by my followers, readers, and I sincerely hope we can prolong this I called as friendship.
    Beauty is subjective and I really hope we all can be beautiful in a way that satisfy our desires, exude the inner beauty within us, and appreciate the knowledge shared among us. 
  9. What's your wishlist for Christmas? 
    I don't celebrate Christmas but it's in my tradition that we celebrate new year (non-religion celebration), by just gathering with friends and family with good food and  talk about how was it in the previous year, sharing our new year resolutions, plans and whatnot.
    But as for New Year Skincare Wishlist, click here.
    As for non-skincare 2014 Wishlist, 10 top things! here it goes! 
    • New MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display
    • iPhone 5S 
    • iPad 3 with Retina Display
    • Instax Mini 8
    • Swatch Originals Chrono Plastic: Twice Again White
    • Trip abroad during summer break. Japan or visiting relatives in South Korea. 
    • Visit my best friend in Singapore.
    • To actually finish my driving lessons. I've been procrastinating due to busy schedule. 
    • Read Memoirs of Geisha again. 
    • Host my first giveaway for my lovelies followers and readers.

  10. If there's a product on your wishlist, and after reading many negative reviews, would you still purchase it? 
    Hmm, then I have to wonder how that product got into my wishlist in the first place. Whenever I want to buy beauty product, I usually will digest at least 10 reviews (for products above RM100) but I believe samples play vital roles in this matter. I would get samples first but if that's not possible, I guess I have to discard it from my wishlist then.
  11. If you could only choose one: make up or skincare?
    Easy question. Skincare. :D Why makeup comes in second cause I believe makeups are meant to enhance your looks, accentuate your facial features but then skincare offers you something that benefit your skin from the deepest layer of it. With good skincare routine, I believe at some point I probably will be needing only lipsticks or lip balms. 


My nominations are: 

  1. When do you start using skincare? 
  2. What is your favorite skincare brand? Why? 
  3. What is the most expensive skincare product that you've used before? How was it? 
  4. The most regrettable skincare product you ever bought? Why?
  5. Your opinions on makeup? 
  6. What is your favourite makeup brand? Share your must-haves from this brand.
  7. Foundation or BB Cream? Share me your must-haves with us.
  8. Your most favourite makeup palettes and brush sets?
  9. Which celebrity looks inspired you the most?
  10. What's your all-time favourite show/series? Why?
  11. Top 3 places you want to go. Share with us why.

There you have it people! 

Have fun tagging your fellow beauty bloggers! Remember the rules! Do drop me links to your posts cause I would love to read them. It's always interesting to know more about you guys! 

xx, Mira

Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2 Launching!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hello, beautiful people! Happy Wednesday!!!

So while I was doing my New Year window shopping yesterday, Etude House has officially launched this new amazing line in continuation to the previous year Princess Etoinette, please welcome 

Finally after few days anticipating this new line, we get to see the full advert photos!! ^__^ 
Though I'm not in South Korea right now, so I guess I'll just share with you guys the photos that I got from the Facebook page. Just to motivate you girls (and me) to save money and get this when it's finally arrives in our country sometime early next year, okay!

First of all the Princess Etoinette Eau de Toilette 30ml

I guess this item is star product of this new line as it's being the first one being advertised. I think I'm going to love the scent cause I love anything with sandalwood and musk as perfume base. 
In the Etude House Official website they're selling this at 20,000KRW but a great deal cause it comes with the Mirror! 

Price: 20,000KRW

Next is Princess Etoinette 2 All Over Color 2g

I guess this can be a new addition to the three musketeers of  Heart Blusher,  Highlighter and Crystal Powder. hehehehe just kidding. :D

It's All OVer powder so I guess this can be used on our cheeks, eyes, upper lips even neck and shoulder bones if you go strapless. :D

Price: 25,000KRW

Next is the Princess Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips 3.4g.

Oh, I love these colours. Again, I would love to get the  PBE102 Moon Flower Under the Stars.

PBE102 Moon Flower Under the Stars.

PRD302 A Sip of Bordeaux Wine

PPK 005 Versailles Noble Peony

All three of these come in the above packaging. ~swoon~

Prince: 13,000KRW

Next is the Princess Etoinette 2 Perfumed Hair Mist 120ml

Get that princessy hair style and spray with this. :D

Price: 8,000KRW

Now let's go to the Princess Blooming Perfumed Hands 70ml

Still amazed with the packaging~ :D

Price: 8,000KRW

Like I mentioned above, there's Princess Etoinette 2 Mirror about 8cm in diameter. 

Looks so elegant and not to mention prettyy!!!. Makes you wanna pop this out like every 5 minutes!! 

Price: 5,000KRW

Last but not least the Princess Etoinette 2 Moon Flower Perfumed Candle

  Imagine lighting this up while relaxing in your hot tub, the scent, the ambiance, ah~ a princess needs to release all the stress from a hard day at work or school with a good hot bath!
Price: 11,000KRW

Need help to imagine?

All photos credit to Etude House South Korea Facebook page. :D

Okay, that's the whole collection of Princess Etoinette Season 2 so I guess for Malaysian Etoinettes, we have to wait at least till January or February before we can get this. Or can get them online. :) I'm definitely not in a rush (plus my December allowance are allocated for Christmas Sets) so yeah, next year. :D
What you guys think? Is it amazing on its own? Is it comparable to the last year's? 
Does any of the product reminds you any other similar products?

Are you guys gonna get the whole line or the ones that most appealing to you? For me the Hand Cream is a must. hehe Love hand creams that's why. 

Tell me what you guys think and feel free to share if you're already in South Korea right now, experiencing these items first hands. :D

xx, Mira

Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2 Part 2

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Yay! Etude House has released new advertorials photos for the new and upcoming Princess Etoinette Season 2 in their Official Facebook Page so I'm going to share with you guys!!!

Feast your eyes with these! :D

OMG! I love the #1! I'm guessing the names are:
#1Moon Flower Under the Stars.
#2 Sip of Bordeaux Wine
#3 Noble Versailles Peony

 Feel free to correct me. :)

Since it's Winter Collection, of course the collection comes with Hand Cream! 
The Blooming Perfumed Hands. Comes in White Peony and Pink Rose! :D

Moon Flower Perfumed Candles. Also comes in White Peony and Pink Rose. Ah~ Can you smell it already? Excuse me for fangirl-ing all over these! ^_______^

Okay, that's all for now! Will update with details later! 
*Need to go for drawing sessions, now!*

xx, Mira

Review: Etude House I Need You, Lemon! Mask Sheet

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hello, lovelies! How's your Monday? For me, it was really tiring so to replenish myself with my version of elixir of life, I went to my new favourite hot spot, which is the newly opened Starbucks in Avenue K, next to KLCC and enjoyed a cup of Soy-based Green Tea Latte while sitting in a corner, watching other people as they come in and out of the cafe, drinking their coffees, having fun chatting with their friends, or having some business meetings. Oh, yeah. I love doing this once in a while.

Anyway, I was talking with some friends today about our favourite mask sheets and so far, I've only tried those from TheFaceShop and Etude House. Oh, also from in-house brand Watsons, and Garnier Light Complete mask sheets. 

So while we were comparing the goodness of our choice of favourites, one of them actually came up with a challenge, which is to do a mask sheets marathon i.e. using mask sheets every 2 to 3 days religiously. Since we've decided to do that, I guess it's natural for me to post all about it in here for the next two weeks as I have prepared 6 mask sheets for this marathon and all of them are from Etude House I Need You! sheet mask line. 

Since I already posted my review on Pearl Extract, today I'll be reviewing the Lemon.

Etude House I Need You, Lemon! Mask Sheet

Lemon Extract 1000mg
Brighten skin and providing vitality

With high amount of Vitamin C and lemon ingredients that help regulate sebum secretion, containing natural AHA-containing fruit ingredients, remove all the necessary waste and makes your skin smooth and clear.  

Review: Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hello, beautiful people! How's your weekend? It's a beautiful Sunday and if you don't have anything planned for the rest of your weekend, treat yourself with body massage or mini spa that you could do on your own.

Taken from Etude House Korea Facebook page. :D 
It's hard, isn't it? Good work!
For today, just rest~

Anyway, I had some free time in my hands right now hence another review!

Today, in continuation from yesterday's review, I'm going to share with you guys one of my favourite scrub which is Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub from Etude House.

First of all, I love scrubs. Well, I love anything that remove dead skin cells off my skin so scrub is one of it. I tried other brands before and finally I found a product that is not harsh to my skin and doesn't break me out.
Scrubbing my skin has been a beauty ritual for me for the past few months and I scrub at least once a week.

Anyway, moving on to the Product Description:

It is formulated with Baking Powder to penetrate, exfoliate and cleanse skin deep within pores to remove makeup and residues. 
This scrub cleanser is also formulated with peppermint to soothe skin.

How to use:
Tear along the dotted line to extract scrub cleanser from pouch (1 pouch per application).
Apply the product to wet face, lather and massage then rinse off with warm water.
Use 1-2 times per week.

Weight: 7g x 24 sachets


The product comes in kinda huge triangle-shaped cylinder box in the same blue hues and decoration like other products from the same Baking Powder line.
When I first saw this product, I thought "hey, that's cool!". Why? Because the product is housed within separated mini pouches and I love that concept because I travel most of the time. I even sometimes pack a overnight bag to my studio so having this product in minis is a total convenient to me.
What's more? It has the line cut so it's very easy to just tear it off without the need to use scissors.

As I read from other beauty bloggers reviews on this product, some of them they tend to separate the portion for twice (or thrice) of usage but you guys know me right? I tend to do use a product according to its recommendation so yeah, as 7 grams of product per pouch is ample for my whole facial area hence I spread the product to my neck area as well.

Texture and Scent:

As it's active ingredient is Baking Powder, the texture is like fine grains in a slightly runny cream form which also helps in exfoliating process. It's not harsh so it doesn't irritate my skin, nor it too small to function as exfoliating beads. One thing that I noticed about this product, the more I massage it onto my skin, the finer the grains turned into. So I guess, even if you massage a little bit harder than you should (which I'm not recommending, just massage your skin in circular motion gently and let the scrub does it job), it won't be a problem and this is also an indicator that it's time for you should rinse your face thoroughly.  

The moment I applied it on my skin right after I opened the pouch, it felt so cool, so I guess that's the peppermint and like the Cleansing Cream from the same line, it has the same citrus-like scent. It's nice and refreshing. It doesn't linger so I like it. 

Notice the fine grains?

I love this product. It works with my skin and I didn't experience irritation none whatsoever. It's gentle, my skin feel smoother, cleaner, and fresh and doesn't leave, me with 'tight feeling' after using it. So I guess it's safe to say that this product really does deep cleansed my pores. I do notice my skin is a little bit brighter. :)

The fact this product comes in mini pouches is a total plus! Love that lemony scent and cool peppermint sensation as well!

Overall, there's nothing that I don't like about this product and I totally would recommend this to anyone who has the same skin type as moi, from oily to combo. Those with dry skin can give this a go I think cause it's not really that harsh. 

Final Verdict: 5/5. Will I repurchase? Well, after trying this out, I bought another box the very next week. :) So I did repurchased and will repurchase again when I'm finished. 

This scrub is retailed at RM39.90 at all Etude House beauty stores in Malaysia. I got the first box in mid August where the store had Buy 3 products and get 30% discount and the second box during the start of the Sweeties Club September Promotion for only RM19.90 both in Etude House 1Borneo Hypermall, KK, Sabah. Oh, I miss those beauty assistants! They're so cheerful and friendly!


So, I guess that's a wrap! Do share your must-have scrub and tell why you love it!

I'll see you guys on next post!


Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hello, lovelies! Second post of the day! :D

I was browsing Etude House Official Korea Facebook page and dropped my jaw when I saw the new advertorials.

Feast your eyes on these, girls!


Aren't they pretty!!! *wink wink*

I saw the launching of Princess Etoinette I think sometime last year in January where all items come in pink, princess-ey looking and not to mention expensive. The Etoinette Brush Collection was retailed at RM189.90, Crystal Blusher and Heart Blusher at RM159.90, and Be My Love Crystal Shine Lips at RM89.90. Might be (way) cheaper in South Korea and I bet big fans of this collection was jumping in joy during last September Sweeties Club Promotion where the marked down prices are hard to resist!

Anyway, moving on to the new Season 2 collection, when I first saw it, I fell in love literally instantly. I love anything white. From room necessities (thanks to IKEA) to half of my closet.

The first product shown there is a white bottle of perfume, that comes in belle dress-shaped bottle with a balloon pump plus a huge lace flower attached to its head.
As for the scent, according to the Facebook page I was referring to, words like enchanting, elegant, attractive flowers in the gardens of Versailles came up and it's mentioned that the top note is the peony flower. For me, I love floral scents and I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this!

Up to today, Etude House revealed another secret i.e. another item from the collection, All Over Powder. Comes in the similar packaging with Crystal Blusher, but this one with silver crest (is that a right word? let me know). Looks pretty to me! I bet it can be used as highlighter as well.

I have to say, I'm falling in love with this collection. Not fond of the previous collection cause I'm definitely not a pink person but this line exudes the inner feminism and the same time give a pure and innocent look. Well, I'm not. haha :D

So yeah. Let's wait for more details posted in the Facebook page. I'll update more by then.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Review: Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Powder Wash

Hello, beautiful people!! How's your Saturday? OMG! It's been almost a week since I last did a review!! My schedules are so tight right now, that's why. 6 more weeks before the semester break! I am excited because I just purchased my flight tickets home yesterday! :D

Anyway, enough babbling about my life, let's move on to the review for today, which is probably being reviewed more times than you can count because this product, along with its sisters, was released back in 2011. It's been over 2 years and this shows just how good this product is (same goes with others from the same line) that Etude House kept on manufacturing it and I do hope they gonna keep continuing cause I'm in love with this cleanser.

Now, let's go to the Product Description. 

Baking Powder gently exfoliates with its powder texture and penetrates pores to absorb oil and residue for a thorough cleanse. 

Basically, it says that this product will gently exfoliate your skin with its powder-ish texture and goes deep into your pores to absorb sebum and residues.

How to use:
First, wet your skin with water (it goes without saying that it's recommended for you to remove makeup by cleansing cream/water/milk before using this product.).
Then dispense the product onto your hands.
Proceed with applying the product on skin. I guess it's natural for us to spread the product using both hands before applying it on our skin.
Lather it up by massaging your skin for like 2 minutes.
Rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Net vol.: 60g


I gotta say, the packaging is quite minimalistic, (which I love) but it's not what you expected from Etude House but again, thinking that this from 2011, maybe during that time the focus isn't really for the packaging part. Nevertheless, I love the blue hues and yes, this again has created confusion among the people in my house. If you can't find this, go look for it in your baking cupboard. 

It' been over a year since it's manufactured. It's okay. 

I just love the cap for this one cause it's so tight but easy to open and I think it's important cause this product comes in powder so in order to avoid spilling, close the cap properly by making sure you heard the 'click' sound. Oh, I love the baby blue hue. 

Texture and Scent:

It's powder-ish texture, duh and as you lather it with water, it'll turned into thick (depends on the amount you dispense) white liquid. I'm comfortable with it. No irritation none whatsoever. 

Unlike the Cleansing Cream, the scent of this product to me is like flour or thick soybean I guess. I have soybean powder shake to give me extra boost in the morning and they smell exactly the same. I'm neutral with the scent. I rather have the natural scent rather than it smells like chemicals. 

I love this product so much! After using it, it doesn't leave my skin with tight feeling, just soft and supple and oh I just love it! I used toner right after, and didn't see any trace of makeup or anything on my cotton pads and I guess it's really does its job in deep cleansing! 

This product totally reminds me of my friend's Kose Powder Cleanser (I'm not sure the exact name) that I tried and fell in love with but damn it's so expensive in Malaysia! 

This is perfect after long hours in the studio which is why I bought the whole line for cause it really deep cleansed my skin and after using the product, I feel refreshed! 

Final verdict: 5/5. Love it! Will I repurchase? Definitely!
I would recommend this product to those with skin like moi, oily-combo skin, and I guess it's not suitable for dry skin but no worries, this line has the moisturizing Whipping Foam version and I think it's in red hue. Go check it out while its still available!

This product is from my September Haul and according to my receipt, I got this during Etude House Sweeties Club September Promotion for only RM19.90. It's not pictured there though. The retailed price is RM39.90.

So, I guess that's it! I'll see you guys next post!

Au revoir!